The Early Childhood Project is located in Bozeman, MT and we have six dedicated individuals committed to our ECP mission and annual goals. Our Special Projects Coordinator is located in Helena, MT.  We frequently employ MSU students and supervise student internships.  

Phone: 1.800.213.6310 or 406.404.1624
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 173540, Bozeman, MT 59717

ECP Staff

Caitlin Jensen- Director
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext. 302
Career Advising & Career Path
ECE:P-3 & Leadership Financial Assistance
MT EC Workforce and Systems
Grant management

Ann Klaas - Professional Development Coordinator
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext 304
Training-Course & Event Approval
Individual Requests for Approval
Professional Development Specialists
Director Credential

Brandi Johnson - Program Manager
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext 303
NAEYC Program Accreditation Scholarships
Transcript Review
Fiscal/Contract Management

Christy Hill - Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 406.444.7067
Pyramid Model
STARS to Quality Coaching
MT Early Childhood Apprenticeship Program

Tiffany Krushensky - Senior Data/Research Analyst
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext 301
Practitioner Registry
Transcript Review

Cassandra Noble-Data/Research Analyst
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext 305
Practitioner Registry
ECE:P-3 & Leadership Financial Assistance

Celine Riccardi-Program Assistant
Phone: 406.404.1624 ext 306
Practitioner Registry



Early Childhood Project-MSU
PO Box 173540
Bozeman, MT 59717

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