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Montana Early Care and Education Knowledge Base

A guide to early care and education professional practice: What early childhood practitioners who work with young children and families need to know, understand, and be able to do.

The Montana Early Care and Education Knowledge Base was first published in July 1998 as the foundation from which to build the state’s comprehensive early childhood career development program. All components of the program are directly linked to the Knowledge Base. The new edition's Table of Contents clearly outlines the organization of this professional development tool. Be sure you have a current 2013 edition!

Download the 2013 Montana Early Care and Education Knowledge Base

Montana Early Learning Standards 2014

This publication describes the standards that guide the work of early childhood professionals to ensure that children from birth to age five have the skills and knowledge they need to achieve success in learning to reach their full potential in life. The Montana Early Learning Standards (MELS) feature a continuum of developmental progression without listing specific ages. A careful read of the Introduction and Early Learning Principles will help you understand how to use the standards in appropriate ways as you work (and play!) with young children and their families.

Children's development can be identified and observed over time on the continuum described in each of the four Core Domains and corresponding sub-domains. The forty-seven standards are applicable to all children regardless of the setting in which they are cared for, nurtured, and educated. These settings may include their own homes; family, friend and neighbor homes; family and group child care homes, child care centers, preschool programs, Head Start and Early Head Start; and public schools.

You may order a copy of the MELS by visiting

Montana Early Learning Standards 2014

Montana's Director Credential

Apply for the Montana Early Childhood Program Director Credential to be recognized for your leadership and specialized professional development. Visit the link below to learn more about the three levels of the credential and how to apply.
Director Credential Framework

Montana's Early Childhood Message

Click here to view a message that has been compiled by early childhood experts across the state to communicate the importance of the early years & how everyone plays a role in meeting the needs of our communities' children.

NAEYC Pathways to Cultural Competence Project


Program & Teacher Checklists

Info Sheets

Check out these short publications that address frequently asked questions related to early care and education career development. Feel free to print, copy and distribute as necessary!

Professional Development Solutions

A bi-monthly e-newsletter supporting effective adult learning practices.
NEW!! Issue #40-Professional Standards and Training

Issue #34-User-Friendly Language
Issue #2- What Does it Take? Part One
Issue #3- What Does it Take? Part Two
Issue #29-Embedding Inclusion in Existing Professional Development
Issue #21-Ethical Responsibilities to Adult Learners
Issue #36-Including Professional Ethics
Issue #28-Healthy by Design
Issue #11-Elements of the Change Process: The Basics
Issue #12-Potential Barriers To Change
Issue #1- Creating a Nurturing Environment for Early Childhood Professional Development
Issue #38-Building Relationships and Rapport
Issue #30-Characteristics of Adult Learners
Issue #22-Seeing Competence in Every Learner
Issue #27-From Trainer Presentation to Participant Practice
Issue #20-Developing The Willingness To Take Risks And Make Mistakes
Issue #13-Using Encouragement with Training Participants
Issue #4-Maximizing Adult Learning: Providing Effective Learning Activities
Issue #35-Temperament and Training
Issue #23-Managing "Difficult" Participant Behavior
Issue #37-A Look at National Definitions
Issue #17-The Basic Elements of an Effective Training Session
Issue #18-Developing Meaningful Learning Goals
Issue #5-Guidelines for Selecting Activities to Promote Learning
Issue #25- A Collection of Useful Tips
Issue #6-Using Warm-Up Activities Effectively
Issue #16-Setting Ground Rules for Training Sessions
Issue #10-Using Quotes to Enhance Learning
Issue #7-Using Games in Training
Issue #8-Facilitating Meaningful Brainstorming Activities
Issue #9-Using a Role-Play Activity in Training
Issue #26-Power Point Presentations
Issue #39-Using Children's Books in Professional Development

Issue #14-Promoting Lifelong Learning: Encouraging Reflection
Issue #19-Early Childhood Dispositions
Issue #15-Promoting Lifelong Learning: Encouraging Self-Evaluation
Issue #31-Nurturing Self-Direction
Issue #24-Taking Charge of Your Own Learning
Issue #33-Resources: Essential Tools for Lifelong Learning

Issue #32-The Teacher and the Wise Old Elkay


Other Reports

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