Director Credential

Montana Director Credential

Are you interested in applying for the Montana Director Credential on your registry profile? If so, please see below for more information

-You must be at least a level 4 on the practitioner registry to apply.

-You must apply for this application on your registry profile through the summary tab. Once you apply, all documents you need will be sent to you via email. The documents needed can also be accessed below.

-These documents include:

-The Director Credential framework which lists all of the Director Credential levels and their requirements. Please read this document carefully.

-The professional contribution form

-Professional contribution examples which can help you see what we are looking for when it comes to those contributions.

-You will also need a current resume uploaded for this application. This can be uploaded in your professional tab of your registry profile.

Any of the required documents can be uploaded to your professional tab in your registry profile.


Please note, this credential is not required to be a director of a center. This credential is an extra application you can choose to apply for to enhance your professional development.


If you have any questions regarding this credential, please contact Madi at

Director Credential Framework

Professional Contributions Form

Professional Contributions Example